Clear acetat cake liner

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Material: plastic
Size: 10 cm x 20 m (160 µm)
Colour: transparent

For lining adrustable cake rings
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Just cut the film to the appropriate length, close and secure the ends with adhesive strips and put it into a pie ring or other bottomless form and you are ready to go… Fill layer by layer and let cool. Remove the cake ring before removing the film to prevent smudging and to achieve clearly defined filling layers.
This clear acetat liner is made of high-quality, food-safe plastic. It is very inherently stable. We advise to remove the adhesive strip after use and wash up the foil with running, warm water. So it can be reused several times.

In folding box for hanging up.

  • Material plastic
  • Size 10 cm x 20 m (160 µm)
  • Color transparent
  • VE 1