Cookie Cutter

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Material: tinplate
Size: 6 cm
Surface: matt

For cutting out dough suitable for our non-stick cake tin "Little Boats"
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With this cookie cutter, you can cut out perfectly sized dough pieces for the Little boat cake tin.
The cookie cutter is made of tin plate. It is a traditional material which has been used in every household for many decades. The surface is rustprotected, but not stainless and therefore not dishwasher-proof. We advise to wash up the cutter and dry it well straight after use. Granny's tip for drying it perfectly: After washing up, place the tin plate cutters onto the heater for one night, or put them into the oven, which is still warm, until it has cooled down.

  • Material tinplate
  • Size 6 cm
  • Surface matt
  • VE 10