Cookie Cutter
Christmas bakery – Set, 4 parts

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Material: tinplate
Size: 6–7,5 cm

Cookie cutters of this set: bell, deer, angel, Santa Claus
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For cutting out dough, sugarpaste or marzipan. Also suitable for crafting or modelling (e.g. modelling clay)
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The classic cookie cutter. You just cut out the shape of the motif and then you can set your creativity free with decorating. In our range you can find cookie cutter shapes from A like apple to Z like zebra. Enjoy baking and decorating!
The cookie cutters are made of tin plate. It is a traditional material which has been used in every household for many decades. The surface is rustprotected, but not stainless and therefore not dishwasher-proof. We advise to wash up the cutter and dry it well straight after use. Granny's tip for drying it perfectly: After washing up, place the tin plate cutters onto the heater for one night, or put them into the oven, which is still warm, until it has cooled down.

In display package for hanging up

  • Material tinplate
  • Size 6–7,5 cm
  • Surface matt
  • VE 5

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