Food colour

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Material: liquid
Colour: skyblue
filling quantity: 14 ml

To spray sugarpaste, marzipan, short-crust pastries, meringue and icing.
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For spraying fondant, marzipan, shortbread biscuits, baiser and icing. With our airbrush compressor and these colours, you can create wonderful artworks on the surface of your cakes. Lots of different colours and a range of accessories for your airbrush-decorations will be waiting for you!
Our airbrush food colours can contain azo dyes.

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  • Material liquid
  • capacity 14 ml
  • Color skyblue
  • VE 1
Directions for use

Areas of use (base): To spray roll fondant, marzipan, short-crust pastries, meringue and icing
The colours have an especially good adhesive quality due to alcohol-based manufacturing. For intensive colour results, apply several thin coats of colour and let the individual coats dry in between. The colours can be mixed together very well.
Tip: For smoother colour results, the colours can be additionally diluted with alcohol.


Water; alcohol; Colours: brilliant blue FCF (E133)

Store in a dark, cool and dry place.