Oven Glove

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Material: cotton – heat-resistant
Size: 41 x 21 cm
Colour: black
flame-retardant coating

Heat-resistant. Flame-retardant
Perfect for baking or cooking.
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Hot stuff in the kitchen! Boiling water and sizzling pans on the hob and pizza, cake or casserole in the oven. Compared to pot-holders, oven gloves are an even safer way of protecting you from burns.
Oven glove of cottonn with flame-retardant coating. Inside with cotton/viscose/polyester filling. Heat-resistant up to 220 °C. To clean it, wipe with a damp cloth, do not wash in the washing machine.

  • Material cotton – heat-resistant
  • Size 41 x 21 cm
  • Color black
  • Surface flame-retardant coating
  • VE 1
Directions for use

Keep away from open flames.

To clean it, wipe with a damp cloth, do NOT wash in the washing machine.


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