we love baking
Oven baking tray – with special perforation

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Metal – not dishwasher safe
Size: 40 x 35 cm
very high-quality and long-lasting non-stick coating for pure baking fun

Suitable for all oven sizes.
Flexible width up to 55 cm thanks to the infinitely variable edge frame.
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Baking with love… Baking together with one’s mother or grandmother often is one of the most beautiful childhood memories: kneading butter, sugar, eggs and flour to conjure up the very best and tastiest pastry creations, preferably with lots of chocolate or fresh fruit – who does not relish in such memories? For all who love to bake for themselves and for others, we have developed our new product line “We love baking”. Whether it be muffins, brownies or cake pops – bakers large and small will find their preferred baking tin. The elegant, silver-coloured “We love baking” moulds contribute to a heavenly baking experience. Rediscover your love of baking with our new series “We love baking”. Baking is cake-shaped happiness.
The mould is fitted with a very high-quality and durable coating, to ensure all of your baked goods succeed excellently. Clean the pan with hot water, just a little bit of washing-up liquid and a cloth. Do not use any abrasive cleaning sponges, scrubbers or scourers. Do not put in the dishwasher. Temperature-resistant up to 250°C.

In folding box with recipe

  • Material metal
  • Size 40 x 35 cm
  • Color silver
  • Surface non-stick coating
  • VE 1
Directions for use

INSTRUCTIONS: To change the width of the tray, slightly loosen the setting screws (1/4 turn) using the accompanying hex key and shift the adjustable edge frame. Afterwards, gently tighten the screws again.
ATTENTION: Do not completely unscrew the screws and do not screw them too tightly!
NOTE: For production reasons, the tray may deform slightly during heating at high temperatures. This deformation does not affect baking results and is therefore no reason vor complaint. The tray will return to being flat after cooling. Please ensure that you slide the tray into the oven's guide rail.

ATTENTION: When preparing baked goods with lye dough, always line tray with baking paper.

My World of Baking

From wholemeal bread to baguettes: Homemade bread and bread rolls just taste best – and are guaranteed to succeed with bread pans made by STÄDTER!