Airbrush pistol

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Including pipette and nozzle spanner
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2-lever function for air pressure and colour quantity
These accessories and spare parts perfectly fit our airbrush compressor.

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Directions for use

STÄDTER Airbrush Food Colouring should be poured into the pistol colour container. Airbrush pistol should be held loosely in the hand. Pressing down on the lever produces an air current. Concurrent retraction of the lever increases the amount of colour. The further the lever is retracted, the more intense the colour current. The spray pattern varies according to the distance between pistol and object surface. For fine lines we recommend removing the needle cover and moving the airbrush pistol nearer to the object surface. The Adjusting screw is used to regulate maximum colour quantity.

Cleaning and care:
· After use always empty colour from the colour container and clean it with water or a suitable solvent (e.g. alcohol) with the aid of a brush.
· Fill colour container with water or solvent. Now close needle opening with the fingers and at the same time activate the lever. Now the air stream flows back into the jet, so that any colour remaining in the pistol is removed.
· Carefully remove needles and clean them. Then clean the jet.
· We recommend cleaning with a STÄDTER airbrush cleaning station (Item No. 330139).

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