Custom designs upon request

You would like to have an individual cookie cutter for marketing purposes or be able to offer your customers a limited-edition baking pan? In most cases, we can make it happen! We will answer your enquiry with a non-binding offer as soon as possible.

We will need the following information:

• a good drawing of the desired motif (PDF, EPS or AI file)
• the dimensions of the cutter or mould
• the desired material
• the desired quantity
• the desired delivery date

Please note that we will generally take a couple of days to prepare your offer in order to present the best option to you. Our prices will generally include all necessary toolmaking costs.

A special production according to your specifications will have a minimum quantity of  5,000 pieces per cutter motif (contour or stamp cutter) or per baking tin motif.

Please take note of the following information on shipping times: 
Be advised that the toolmaking process for your custom cutter or mould will take 2-4 weeks. Production time for cookie cutters is between 6 and 16 weeks, depending on your design’s complexity. Production time for baking pans is between 8 and 12 weeks. All delivery periods are calculated as from the later of either the entry date of the written order or the date of payment. Delays may happen and should be factored in. For custom-made products, a fixed date of delivery can not be agreed.

Delivery is Ex Works and excluding shipping and packaging costs. Order processing for special productions exclusively takes place against a full advance payment. We will send you a pro forma invoice after we receive your order. In case we cannot yet determine shipping and packaging costs at that time, you will be sent a separate pro forma invoice for them.

You may order a prototype for an expense fee. Please note that a prototype will generally look different from the final product. Deviations are normal and constitute no reason for complaint. 

Our offer will be limited in time. All prices listed are no longer valid after the date of expiry. Please demand a new offer after expiry.

Individualised packaging options
We will be happy to support you in designing an individualised packaging for your custom product. For example, you can package cookie cutters individually in poly or organza bags, which can also be tagged with stickers, cardboard labels or recipe tags.

Minimum quantities:
• cardboard label (B/W printing, size: approx. 4.5 x 30 cm): 500 pieces
• recipe tags (4C printing, size: 10 x 6 cm, flipped open): 5,000 pieces
• individually packaged in a blister hood with depositors: 5,000 pieces

Baking tins can be packaged individually in poly bags or cardboard boxes.

Minimum quantities:
• depositors for poly bags: 5,000 pieces
• individualised packaging design: 2,500 pieces

You are responsible for supplying artwork and design templates. You may also supply your own tags.

Get in touch and we will be happy to draft an individual offer that fits your needs.

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