Candles - Fly agaric - Set, 4 parts

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Size: 5 cm
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A must on every birthday cake: decorative candles. Whether classic, as a numer or as champaign bottles… We have a huge number of different motif candels in stock for you. Just carefully press them onto the cream or buttercream cake. For cakes with a fondant, marzipan or chocolate coating, fix them with a bit of icing or CMC.
Candles made of white paraffin, surface decorated with coloured wax elements and painted. Note: Never leave burning candles unattended. Never let them burn down close to curtains, drapes etc. Always arrange the candels in a vertical manner and avoid draught. Always keep a proper distance of at least 10 cm between the single candles.

In display package for hanging up

  • Material paraffin / wax
  • Size 5 cm
  • Color red
  • VE 12