Fondant embossing stamp
Frill / Volant – Set, 4 parts

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ABS plastic – food safe – dishwasher safe
Size: ø 8,5 cm
Colour: blue

For create frills made of sugarpaste and marzipan
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The set consists of a base body with three inserts of different width, which enable you to create laces of different widths. After finishing the fondant or marzipan ring, cut it open and pull up the single curves with the help of a modelling tool to form a frill. With the die stamp, you can stamp ornaments into the fondant or marzipan, create bordures, frills or garlands. With our decoration and die stamps you will be able to create every ornament you want!
Our stamping dies are made of food-safe and stable plastic of a professional quality. We advise to wash them up with running, warm water straight after use.

In display package for hanging up. With instructions.

  • Material ABS plastic
  • Size ø 8,5 cm
  • Color blue
  • VE 1
Directions for use

The set consists of a base body with 3 different width inserts. These enable different widths of braids. After shaping, cut the roll-out icing or marzipan ring open and use a modelling stick to draw each bow up to form a frill.

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