Fondant mould
Snowflake – Relief form

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Silicone caoutchouc – food safe – not dishwasher safe
Size: ø 6,5 cm
Colour: white

For the production of three-dimensional motifs with the finest surface structure and for individual and fine decorations.
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With our fondant moulds you can easily create three-dimensional motives with finest structures on their surfaces. Fill the mould with modelling clay and then remove it immediately. It is also possible to create multicoloured motives. Give free rein to your fantasies. After removing, you can decorate the motives with food colour powder or colour them with food colour pens. We offer you a broad range of different motives and themes. Have fun trying them out!
Our moulds are made of flexible and food-safe silicone-caoutchouc of a professional quality. Only clean by hand with warm water and a mild detergent. Not dishwasher-proof.

In display package for hanging up

  • Material silicone caoutchouc
  • Size ø 6,5 cm
  • Color white
  • VE 1
Directions for use

Suitable for marzipan, sugar- and gumpaste or all cold modelling clays.

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