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Liquid – Set, 4 parts

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Material: liquid
Colour: blue/green/yellow/red
filling quantity: 40 ml

With our liquid food colours you give your cake and cookies a very special individual touch.
Drinks can also be dyed with this tasteless colour.
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With our liquid food colours, you can easily colour cake- and cookie dough and creams, but also beverages. Not suited for chocolate. Bake colourfully! In our range you can find a lot of different liquid food colours.
Highly concentrated, water-soluble food colour of a professional quality. It is tasteless and complies with the food regulations. Our food colours can contain azo dyes.

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  • Material liquid
  • capacity 40 ml
  • Color blue/green/yellow/red
  • VE 1
Directions for use

Dosage information:
For a gentle to soft hue, please use:
– approx. 4 drops for 125 ml clear liquid
(water, sparkling wine, or similar)
– approx. 8 drops for 125 ml cream (add before whisking)
– approx. 15 drops for 125 g marzipan with
approx. 60 g icing sugar

For a more intense hue, add a few more drops as desired.
NOT suitable for dying chocolate.


Water, colorants:
Blue: patent blue V (131);
Green: quinoline yellow (E104)*, patent blue V (131), orange yellow S (E110)*, cochineal red A (E124)*, sodium chloride and/or sodium sulphate;
Yellow: quinoline yellow (E104)*, orange yellow S (E110)*, sodium chloride and/or sodium sulphate;
Red: cochineal red A (E124)*, sodium chloride and/or sodium sulphate.

*This colorants can have a negative effect on activity and attention in children.

Store in a dark, cool and dry place.

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