Food Colour Powder
Crystalline – Bordeaux

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Powder – highly productive
Colour: bordeaux
filling quantity: 2 g

For sprinkling and drawing on dry subsurfaces such as marzipan, roll-out and decorative fondant, dried icing products and chocolate.
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Our food colour crystalline powder is suited for powdering dry and solid surfaces. Achieve fine glitter and shine effects- also on your ready-made decorations – give free rein to your fantasies. Even chocolate can be coloured with crystalline powder. In our range you can find a lot of different colours.
Crystalline powder to dust and paint on dry surfaces. The crystalline powder is suited for colouring food or dusting cream decorations. Our food colour crystalline powder can contain azo dyes.

On cardboard for hanging up. The item is excluded from the exchange.

  • Material powder
  • capacity 2 g
  • Color bordeaux
  • Surface glittery
  • VE 1
Directions for use

Processing: The surfaces should always be dry and free from dust.
Pick up the food coloring fully with the hair brush and sprinkle it on to the relevant surface.
Mix the food coloring crystalline powder with a little alcohol/water and use it to draw pictures, ornaments, etc. on a dry subsurface.
The food coloring crystalline powder is NOT suitable for coloring and dying food and for sprinkling on cream.


Separating agent: potassium aluminium silicate (E555); Colourants: iron oxides (E172)

Store in a dark, cool and dry place.

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