New baking moulds series "We love baking"


STÄDTER We love baking - Baking with love

Baking together with one’s mother or grandmother often is one of the most beautiful childhood memories: kneading butter, sugar, eggs and flour to conjure up the very best and tastiest pastry creations, preferably with lots of chocolate or fresh fruit – who does not relish in such memories?

For all who love to bake for themselves and for others, we have developed our new product line "We love baking". The series offers durable moulds for every occasion and every appetite at an absolutely convincing price for the top quality you get. The elegant, silver-coloured "We love baking" moulds contribute to a heavenly baking experience. The tins and baking pans have a very high-quality Xynflon coating that provides top of the line anti-adhesion properties, so that your cakes are always a success and slip from the mould almost by themselves.

The "We love baking" line includes both classic springform pans and trendy tins and trays with a wide range of shapes and designs. Your family’s traditional apple pie - exclusively made according to Granny’s secret recipe - will succeed just as well as the delicious cake pops for your children's birthday party. With us, everyone will find their favourite baking mould!

Whether together with your granny, children, friends or all alone by yourself: rediscover the love of baking with our new "We love baking” line of baking moulds and be assured:

“Baking is cake-shaped happiness.”

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