The cream of the crop!


Add some fluff – with our whipped cream helpers!

Whether classically fresh, deliciously fruity or with a rich chocolate flavour – our versatile whipped cream stabilizers make cream cakes or desserts a breeze.

Almost nobody can resist beautiful tortes and delicious desserts topped with a dollop of whipped cream. However, it can be difficult at times to get your cream to stiffen up properly. With STÄDTER’s cream stabilizer products in 18 delicious flavours, you will succeed in serving delicious cream pies, desserts or toppings. Between passion fruit & peach, chocolate, cheesecake and 15 other heavenly flavours, you will find just the right to suit your taste!

Simply marvellous and marvellously simple!

It has never been easier to make savoury gateaux and cream desserts. Just dissolve the cream stabilizing powder in your favourite flavour in water, fruit juice or other liquids, fold some magic into your whipped cream and you are ready to serve! You will always have the right stiffness without any gelatinous lumps and an ideal flavour base to give your cream a distinct touch. Finish your artwork by adding some fruit pieces or puréed fruit to our fruity flavours or refine your cream with yoghurt, champagne, wine, liqueurs, finely chopped nuts or buttermilk – your masterpiece is guaranteed to succeed!

The contents of one package is sufficient for one cream cake. Each package contains detailed instructions, recipes and variations suggested by our confectioners.

Watch our video tutorial and read our informative brochure!