Dough scraper

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Stainless steel – rustproof – dishwasher safe
Size: 15 x 12 cm x 0,9 mm
satin finished

One tool - many possible applications
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This dough scraper can be used in many different ways for baking. It is suitable for cutting and portioning dough. Cake edges made of cream can be smoothed excellently. It can also be used for applying and spreading fillings or glazes. Even chocolate decorations on a marble slab succeed quite easily. The dough scraper lies very well in the hand. The handle and card are made of one piece which allows a thorough cleaning.
The dough scraper is made of high-quality stainless steel and is dishwasher safe and food-safe.

In folding box for hanging up.

  • Material stainless steel
  • Size 15 x 12 cm x 0,9 mm
  • Surface satin finished
  • VE 6
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