Iced lollies

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Ingredients - Basic recipe

3egg yolks
1 tsplemon juice
50 gsugar
pulp of 1 vanilla pod
200 gwhipped cream


1/2 pckgSTÄDTER whipped cream fixe.g. chocolate (item no. 301023)
or strawberry (item no. 301030)
8wooden handles(item no. 489547)


Mix egg yolks, lemon juice and pulp of a vanilla pod and whisk over warm water until light and creamy. Keep on whisking the cream until it is cold.
Fold in whipped cream and STÄDTER whipped cream fix and fill the tray with  a spoon or a piping bag. Please do not forget to tip the wooden handles into the cream before placing them on the tray, they will stick much better in the ice afterwards.

Put the tray into the refrigerator for at least 6 hours. Then, shortly, put the tray into a water bath and take the iced lollies carefully off the tray. Glaze them with dark or white chocolate and decorate them as you like.

Tip: Replace some part of the whipped cream with yoghurt to enjoy our iced lollies in a lighter way!

Recipe Download DE (PDF)