EN Zebra Lollies

Rz Zebra Lollies 02


150 gsoft butter
120 gsugar
1 pkt.vanilla sugar
somelemon zest
1 pinch ofsalt
150 gflour
1 tsp.baking powder
2 tbspcocoa


Cream the butter, sugar, vanilla sugar, lemon zest and salt. Add the eggs gradually. Mix the flour with the baking powder and stir it in briefly.
Halve the dough, and stir the cocoa into one half. Put the light dough and the dark dough into separate disposable piping bags and put them into the greased and floured baking mould alternately. Then place the stick in the indentation provided for this and turn it slightly in the dough. If necessary, add dough again over the stick, so that it is thinly covered with dough.
Then bake in a pre-heated oven.
Dip the cake lollies in chocolate and decorate with edible sprinkles as desired.

Baking time:
Bake it at 180 °C top/bottom heat (165 °C fan) for approx. 10–12 minutes.

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