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Swabia board – Set, 2 parts

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Stainless steel – rustproof / wood – not dishwasher-safe

For homemade spaetzle / Schwabian pasta

Size scraper: ca. 11 cm
Size board: ca. 14 x 31 cm
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Pasta pasta… delicious! Now it is very easy to make raviolis, tortellinis, pelmenis, swabian raviolis and even spätzle by yourself. We have different types in our range.
Our spaetzle pipette is made of high-quality and stable stainless steel. Stainless and dishwasher-proof. The Spaetzle board is made of high-quality and untreated beech wood. We advise to wash it up with mild detergent and a dishcloth or a dishwashing brush straight after use.

  • Material stainless steel / wood
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