Dough scraper – 50 parts

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Plastic – food safe
Size: 11–15 cm

20x dough scraper white, Size: ca. 10 x 15 cm
20x dough scraper red, Size: ca. 8,5 x 12,5 cm
10x icing comb white, Size: ca. 7,5 x 11 cm
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With the help of these two spatulas, you can scrape your bowls clean from cream and dough without any problems. Fill the pastry into a baking pan or onto a baking sheet and smooth it down with the spatula or spread it on your already baked cakes. With the icing comb you can garnish your tortes in two different ways: with fine serrated patterns or with coarse serrated patterns.. Particularly suited for garnishing cream cakes. To obtain the best result, position the template at an angle of 45°.
The dough scraper is made of high quality and food-safe plastic. Dishwasher-proof.

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  • Material plastic
  • Size 11–15 cm
  • VE 1
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