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Professional coupler – big – 2 parts

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POM plastic – food safe – dishwasher safe

For commercially available big tips, in stainless steel or tinplate.
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With the help of our functional coupler, you can change tips, even with a filled piping bag, and continue decorating with a different tip. Insert the inner part of the coupler into the piping bag. Place the tip on the inner part and fix it with the screw plug. The tip sits securely. Now the piping bag can be filled.
The couplers are made of professional and high quality, food-safe and stable plastic. We advise to wash up with running warm water straight after use.

In folding box for hanging up.

  • Material POM plastic
  • VE 3
Directions for use

Preparation: Cut off the piping bag at the tip and insert attachment. Then, the nozzles can be changed from the outside when the piping bag is fully filled.
Changing the nozzles on a fully filled piping bag: open the screw plug on the piping bag and remove the nozzle. Replace it with the new nozzle and close the screw plug again. The nozzle is completely sealed.

for 24 mini cupcakes
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