Food Colour Paste
Leaf green

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Paste – highly economical
Colour: leaf green
filling quantity: 25 g

For dying marzipan, roll-out and decorative fondant, cream, buttercream, icing, glazes, jam, salt dough, sugar or isomalt.
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With our food colour paste you can obtain various colour nuances and effects. It is highly concentrated and easily dispensable. Fondant and dough can not only be coloured, but also marbled in a simple way. We have a huge range of different pastes and pastell pastes – from black to pastell pink – we have them all! Not suited for chocolate!
High efficient food colour paste for colouring marzipan, fondant, cream, buttercream, icing, glazes, marmelade, salt dough, sugar and isomalt. Not suited for chocolate. Our food colour pastes can contain azo dyes. It is recommended to use disposable gloves when processing.

Fixed on cardboard for hanging up. The item is excluded from the exchange.

  • Material paste
  • capacity 25 g
  • Color leaf green
  • VE 1
Directions for use

Stir thoroughly before use!
Pick up a little food coloring with a toothpick and spread in and/or on the relevant food (only use toothpick once!). Then, depending on the food, work the paste food coloring in. The food coloring paste can be thinned down with a little alcohol; then, it becomes more transparent.

Not suitable for chocolate.


Humectant: glycerin (E422); Supporting agent: propylene glycol (E1520); Separating agent: silicon dioxide (E551); Colorants: brown HT (E155), tartrazine (E102)*, brilliant blue FCF (E133)

*This colorant can have a negative effect on activity and attention in children.

Store in a dark, cool and dry place.

No food authorization in Norway because of E102.

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