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Powder – highly productive
filling quantity: 1060 g

Piping icing for cakes
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Just add water! All you need to do is add water to this sugar/egg white mixture and you've got the ideal spray-on icing. For spraying flowers and leaves to create your own individual cakes or for making gingerbread houses and hearts the easy way. Mix thinly to cover your baking.You simply have to whip this sugar-egg-white mixture with water - and the perfect icing is done! For creating blossoms and leaves for an individual torte or for putting together gingerbread houses or hearts and decorate them. If you mix it up to be a more thin-bodied mixture, you can create a coating for pastries.
With our baking ingredients you buy professional high-quality products. They are produced of best raw material in Germany. All products are easy to process and create a perfect baking result.

Sealed plastic container in folding box. With instructions. The item is excluded from the exchange.

  • Material powder
  • capacity 1060 g
  • VE 3
Directions for use

Basic recipe icing for cake decorations:
Mix 1060 g icing powder with 130 ml (12 tbsp) water, stirring for approx. 5 minutes at a slow to medium speed. Suitable kitchen appliances feature a flat whisk.
If you have a hand-held whisk, use the dough hook. Do not use an egg whisk. No air must be folded in, otherwise the icing crumbles. Icing can be coloured with paste-like or liquid food colouring. Immediately cover the icing mass with a damp cloth. This sugar / egg white mass must be consistently covered (during working), otherwise it will dry out immediately. The piping bag must also be consistently covered with a damp cloth.

Tips: The icing mass can be kept in the fridge for approx. 2 days in a well-sealed container; it can also be frozen. Sprayed sugar flowers must be dried through (dry for at least 2 days in the open air) and can then be stored in an air-tight container in a cool and dry place – not in the fridge. The decorations have a long shelf life and can always be used to decorate cakes and traybakes as required.

Please note: Ensure that all tools, bowls,
nozzles, bags, dough scrapers etc. are free from grease.


Icing sugar, EGG-WHITE powder, sugar, salt

May contain traces of milk protein, soya protein and gluten.

Nutritional table
Nutricional value per 100 g
Physiological energy value 1689 kJ / 397 kcal
Fat 0.01 g
hereof saturated fatty acids 0 g
Carbohydrates 97.1 g
hereof sugar 97.1 g
Protein 2.2 g
Salt 0.17 g
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