Non-stick longlife baking foil
2 pieces

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PTFE plastic – food safe – dishwasher safe
Size: 33 x 40 cm
Colour: black
Non-stick coating for the best baking results

Healthy baking without fat – ideal for calorie-conscious cooking!
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The baking foil is perfectly suited for biscuits, pizza, fries, toast, shortbread-, pound cake-, yeast-dough-, and sponge cake bases, christmas cookies and much more. For crispy and evenly baked pastries.

Bake at high temperatures up to 260°C without any problems. Improved double-sided non-stick effect. No need to baste the baking sheet. No soiled baking sheets anymore. Suitable for all baking sheets and baking grids.Physiologically safe and food-safe. Easy to clean. Environment-friendly
Baking foil made of teflon-coated polytetrafluorethylene. Durable and reusable up to 1000 times. Dishwasher-proof. Not cut proven.

In folding box

  • Material PTFE plastic
  • Size 33 x 40 cm
  • Color black
  • Surface non-stick coating
  • VE 5
Directions for use

Thoroughly clean and dry before first use. Place on the baking tray or the baking oven grille (usable on both sides) and bake everything without additional oil or grease. Do not cut on the sheet! Wipe with water after usage.

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hearty snack
for one baking sheet full of cake enjoyment without baking
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